Brian Tucker, ACHt,

Licensed and Certified, Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist

Professional Life Coach


As normal human beings, we are always striving to either maintain the condition we are currently in because we accept it, or we choose to improve it because we don’t like it.

We NEVER strive to go backwards, we never strive  to make our current condition worse than it is. We do the opposite, we strive to go forward, we strive to improve.

We want to do better – and we want to feel better,  and because of that, we are always going from one state to another state.

The analogy is going from point A, your current state, to point B, your desired state, and the assumption is that Point B is whole lot better than Point A.


logo1Therefore knowing how to move from point A to point B strategically and decisively means we greatly enhance the quality of our life, having more peace, more joy, more satisfaction and success!

So my goal for you is to do just that, to discover methods and strategies to move forward gracefully, from where you are and where you’ve been, TOWARD A SPECIFIC DESIRED OUTCOME.  Why is this so important?  Because for so many, all they know is Point A. They have no concept of a Point B – a place they’d rather be instead.

Its not enough to want to simply get through something that’s challenging.  That’s what everybody wants – just to get through it, but what do you want instead?  You have to know what you want to get to!

Where do you want to go?  How do you want to feel? How would you describe it?  Can you describe it?  How will you know when you’ve arrived?

This is where I come in the picture.  To help you move from point A toward a point B that looks good, feels good and is good.  Sound good?  Then lets get started – now.