Feeling Good: A basic human necessity

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There is a famous quote that says “Feeling healthy and feeling good about yourself is not a luxury – it’s an absolute necessity”.

When I speak of FEELING GOOD, I’m talking about a genuine, natural, authentic ability to FEEL GOOD. I’m not talking about getting high to feel good, or committing a crime to feel good, or taking advantage of others to feel good.

There is something very magical when you can naturally feel good, it’s contagious and it makes others feel good too. If you have the ability to feel good, you are blessed with a wonderful virtue, miracle, and gift. Is there anything greater than feeling good? How do you even begin to describe it? The goal of every normal living human on this planet is to feel good. Every decision we make, every action we take is driven toward feeling good. The motive behind all human behavior is rooted in feeling good. The entire human emotional system gauges your level of feeling good. When you feel good, you can laugh more. When you feel good, you can love more. When you feel good, you can accomplish more. We exist to FEEL GOOD. So, how do you feel?

Our desire to feel food is so strong, that we will fight to defend it. That’s because the alternative, NOT feeling good, causes our lives to spiral downward into feeling stuck, unhappy, even down right miserable. This is where depression, aggression and so many ills stem from. All because we are lacking basic necessities that make you feel good about you.

But, there is more to the equation than just YOU. Life isn’t that simple. So much of “being alright or feeling ‘OK’, is tied to other people in our lives, whether it be our children, our spouses, employers or strangers. Other people have a way of lifting us up or tearing us down, ruining our mood, and ticking us off.

You see when someone talks down to you, they are really just giving you a glimpse into their own chaotic, control seeking, stress-filled world and you become their dumping ground.

But that doesn’t mean you have to accept anybody’s trash, regardless of who they are. You get to choose how you are affected. You get to choose how you will react and respond, internally and externally.

One thing is for sure, your reaction will be representative of, or will mirror the internal picture you hold of your self. If you already feel good about yourself, have a bright internal picture of yourself, and are overflowing with self confidence, then nothing anyone says will move you from your strong foundation. If on the other hand, you don’t feel good about yourself, lack confidence and have a weak image of yourself, then their words and actions can cut through to your core, causing high levels of stress, discomfort or even hostility.  What’s on the inside is going to spill over on the outside.

To begin a process of feeling better, you have to get in touch with the thing, that controls your feelings, and the thing that controls your feelings are your THOUGHTS. Your thoughts are the controlling factor that determine how you will feel. Your thoughts about a particular situation, will determine how you will feel in that situation.

So when I mention – ‘what’s on the inside spills over on the outside’ – the process works like this;

  • how you’re thinking – dictates how you are feeling, (inside)
  • how you are feeling – dictates how you are acting, reacting, responding and behaving, (outside)
  • and how you are acting, reacting, responding and behaving – dictates the results, the experiences and the consequences you are creating in your world,
  • which will also impact how you are feeling.

If by chance, you find yourself caught in this loop, I’d be honored to assist you in finding the way out.


Brian Tucker

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Many of the best Life Coaches began their quest out of a deep desire to help others. Not me. I never wanted to help anyone, but me! I had my own issues, insecurities, and unsettling feelings of living well beneath my potential and capability. I sought out Life Coaching as the answer to my own personal limitations and went on a search for the best and finest teachers I could find. Once found, I began to surgically change every adverse characteristic, thought process and behavior I could identify. It was a total self-renovation, impacting my sense of optimism, energy, income and overall results. It was after seeing such improvement and positive change in my life that I pursued coaching as a profession to aid and assist others. In essence, I became my own first client and since that time have helped hundreds of others experience the same sense of newness and self progression. I am a Certified Life Coach, Hypnosis Practitioner, and Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP, and owner of Begin Again Life Coaching in Chicago, Illinois, USA.