How to Change Now: Secret #1

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So many resolutions are rooted in our desire to make new and positive shifts to more satisfying and fulfilling states, while improving our overall sense of optimism. While such a change may seem difficult, it’s actually pretty simple if you’re willing to do one thing for a period of forty days – Boycott all complaining!

These are challenging times and so many people are tired. So many of us lay awake at night, scared and frustrated. Bills are due, tuition is due, relationships are challenging – and we fill ourselves with negative thoughts. You’ll hear average, everyday people echoing statements like, “I’m sick of this”, “I’m tired of that”, “I’m frustrated, my life’s a mess”,” nothing is working”, etc., constantly verbalizing the truth of what they are feeling on the inside, and experiencing on the outside.

What are you verbalizing and meditating on? What words and sentiments are you repeatedly and constantly echoing? Do you know that the act of repeating or doing something over and over again is a form of practice? The definition of practice is: to perform or do habitually or on a recurring basis.
If I were a violinist wanting to improve my skills – I would play regularly and consistently. This would be my practice routine.

When you become your own harshest critic and regularly and consistently remind yourself of your current dissatisfaction with yourself and your life, – you are practicing, just like the violinist. And just as the violinist improves, so do you, you get better and better at being fed up and dissatisfied with the status and quality of your life. As the age-old cliché says, “PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT”.

So go on a ‘complaint boycott’ for 40 consecutive days. No complaining about yourself or others. Give it a shot for 40 days, and if you slip and fall short half way through – Forgive yourself and simply start over – from day number ONE!

Brian Tucker

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Many of the best Life Coaches began their quest out of a deep desire to help others. Not me. I never wanted to help anyone, but me! I had my own issues, insecurities, and unsettling feelings of living well beneath my potential and capability. I sought out Life Coaching as the answer to my own personal limitations and went on a search for the best and finest teachers I could find. Once found, I began to surgically change every adverse characteristic, thought process and behavior I could identify. It was a total self-renovation, impacting my sense of optimism, energy, income and overall results. It was after seeing such improvement and positive change in my life that I pursued coaching as a profession to aid and assist others. In essence, I became my own first client and since that time have helped hundreds of others experience the same sense of newness and self progression. I am a Certified Life Coach, Hypnosis Practitioner, and Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP, and owner of Begin Again Life Coaching in Chicago, Illinois, USA.