Meet Brian Tucker

I was born and raised on Chicago’s southside and although my parents provided me and my six brothers and sisters with a happy loving childhood and put us through private school, we never had extra, we never went to restaurants, never went to hotels, and never took vacations. All of this seemed to reinforce a belief in me that said “you’re broke and you’re gonna stay that way”. As I grew older I worked hard to shake that belief by immersing myself in personal development and later into a highly successful Sales career.

My professional career, spanning over 25 years in Sales landed me in various industries including Telecommunications and Broadcast Television where I was V.P. of the Sales organization. The common denominator throughout all of my career has been and still is – communication, whether it’s communication between sales person and client, or TV talk show host and their viewing audience, the most important communication of all, is self, or internal communication – the language of the brain. I quickly realized you could never separate yourself from your own internal personification. It was through this awareness that I set out to study and master the language of the brain and how to alter it, to create a corresponding outward desired manifestation.

Formally speaking...

Brian Tucker provides hypnosis, hypnotherapy and life coaching services to individuals and groups via private sessions, seminars and workshops.

He has dedicated his adult life to understanding the science behind implementing positive change and the brain’s influence on creating a sense of internal optimism. Brian helps people experience positive shifts through new insights, tactics and strategies that work.

Through in depth study and hundreds of hours of rigorous training in traditional and alternative therapies, Brian combines various approaches and personal experience to guide his clients into greater clarity and focused direction. All clients have gained greater control of themselves – regardless of where they were, and have emerged with new behaviors enabling them to move forward on a path that is measurable and satisfying.

Current Credentials...

Licensed, Certified Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist, Wellness Institute, Issaquah, Washington
Professional Life Coach, specializing in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Quantum NLP, Salt Lake City, Utah
Neuro Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner, Excellence Quest of Illinois

Ongoing Training...

Heart Centered Hypnosis through the world renowned Wellness Institute of Issaquah, Washington, specializing in Heart-Centered Hypno-behavioral® therapy

Brian is also among the volunteer staff at Victories For Men, an organization which has helped over 5000 individuals develop deeper self-understanding, better relationships and brighter lives.